Property Management Standards


Westview offers developers, investors and landlords a complete property management service. Removing the traumas associated with managing leasehold residential property, we enable owners to concentrate on preserving their investment.

Our strength lies in the personal service we bring to clients. We are local and our expert surveyors and experienced property management staff work alongside investors and owners to provide a reliable after sale service to all parties.

Our primary function is to manage the full range of leasehold, residential, commercial, flats and houses. Westview are experienced housing professionals who ensure developers and customers receive the best local service. Being small brings an accountable, yet uncomplicated way of doing business.


We are General Practice Surveyors, located in West London. We have extensive experience of working with a range of property developers to manage leasehold blocks of flats. We are well versed, therefore, in formulating and interpreting clauses in long leases, NHBC claims, latent defects and building insurance claims. We pride ourselves on providing a local, approachable service to new home owners, who often need guidance and support when taking on leasehold ownership for the first time.

As a small and personable concern, we endeavour to offer the kind of sensitive and dedicated service that would enhance and preserve value in investments.

Westview has a network of contractors for all trades, as well as easy access to solicitors, auditors and other property managers. We will gladly provide references and agree an initial meeting if you feel our credentials appeal to you. In the meantime, if you do have any units that you would consider leasing in the London or Birmingham area, please could you forward details. Even if you have difficult developments that require the injection of some new management initiative, we would love to hear from you.


Westview undertake to comply with both the Association of Residential managing agents (ARMA) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) codes of management:


To agree, in writing, the terms of engagement to manage a client's property in as detailed a form as reasonably possible and to make clear the fee structure as well as the categories of other services for which additional fees may be charged.

To manage the client's property in compliance with all the current applicable legislation, terms of leases, contract documentation and good business practice.


To provide as cost-effective a service as reasonably possible within the constraints of prudent and planned maintenance and to enquire as to whether contractors preferred or selected by clients or lessees have suitable references and, where contracted to do so, all final work is checked and signed off before funds are released.

On request, to provide guidance to the client as to the insurance requirements under the lease terms and, where required by the client, to supply an appropriate level of insurance cover, based on an independent valuation, sufficient to meet the client's obligations.


To ensure that client's money is kept separate from office accounts at all times and that client accounts can be individually identified. Funds in any one client account will not be used to finance another client's property. Funds are held in a clearly designated client account.

  • To maintain a current insurance policy adequately indemnifying the firm against proven professional negligence claims.
  • To ensure that clients' money is properly and regularly accounted for and that any funds or monies required for specific future works are placed on deposit in an appropriate interest-bearing account to earn interest to the credit of that account.
  • To keep detailed records of all transactions relating to client's property with all expenditure made from the client's account suitably authorised.
  • To ensure that annual or other required periodic accounting is carried out promptly, ensuring adequate supporting information is provided or available for inspection.
  • To concertedly endeavour, where so required, to provide all the necessary information for the audit of any end-of-period accounts so that the audit can be carried out with the minimum of delay.

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of our service and we shall be pleased to provide a quotation without obligation.